List of All Gin Tama Characters, Best to Worst

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List of every character from the anime Gin Tama, ranked from best to worst by fans of the series. Spanning just over 200 episodes during it's television run, Gin Tama is widely popular both in Japan and overseas. The series has gotten a lot of praise for it's humor, imaginative character design, and the uniqueness of the show's setting and events (see how it ranks on our list of the funniest anime of all time). The odd blend of aliens and the Edo period is something that really hasn't been seen in anime before. Gin Tama follows "Yorozuya",  a freelance company ran by protagonist Gintoki Sakata and his sidekicks Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura. The series features a ton of secondary characters and villains, which is why we decided to rank the best Gin Tama characters and let you vote on it. Click the thumb up next to each character name to give it an upvote, and click the thumbs down if you want them to be lower on the list.
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