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List of All High School DxD Characters, Best to Worst

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Vote for your favorite High School DxD character, no matter how big of a role they play in the show.
List of all High School DxD anime characters, ranked from best to worst by fans of the series. High School DxD is an anime that is famous for its action and harem-style hijinks and gratuitous fan service. Protagonist Issei Hyoudou is a normal high school student that is dragged into a world of supernatural warfare by his school's idol, Rias Gremory. He and his new teammates in the Occult Research Club become embroiled in constant battles with the forces of heaven, hell, and the fallen angels. Who is the best High School DxD character? Do you like Issei or Rias? Is one of the members of the ORC the best? Perhaps you like one of the villains, like Raynare or Dohnaseek? Whichever ones appeal to you, you can let you voice be heard! Vote for your favorite DxD characters, no matter how popular they are among other fans of the series.   
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