All the How to Train Your Dragon Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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Vikings, dragons, adventure, and a lovable protagonist combined to make the How to Train Your Dragon series a sensation from the moment it hit bookstores in 2003. Set against the backdrop of ancient Viking culture, the soft spoken hero and his equally hapless dragon Toothless proved a lovable duo during the course of 12 books. Fans of the series likely have an opinion on the best How to Train Your Dragon books. While every installment certainly has its charm, which ones truly stand out? Here, you'll find all How to Train Your Dragon books ranked by fan votes! 

Whether you're new to the series or wondering which book to read first while re-reading, you've come to the right place. From How to Train Your Dragon to its exciting conclusion How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, all the titles below contribute something unique the world and storyline of the series. From magical jewels to epic battles, these books have delighted both young and old readers. Browse this list for reading suggestions. 

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