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All Howard Stern Show Musical Performers

Updated June 14, 2019 69.5k views69 items

List of all artists and bands who have played live on The Howard Stern show over the years. As you can see, many great bands and singers have performed on The Howard Stern Radio Show throughout its run (as well as a few not-so-great - anyone remember the Jesus Twins?). This complete Howard Stern musical performances list includes the songs performed as well, when we know them. Howard's taste leans towards rock bands, though many of their live performances on the show are acoustic.

Playing on the air for Howard, Robin, Fred and the gang is a dream gig for any young band, but as you can see on this list a lot of classic bands have gone out of their way to do so as well, joining the ranks of the many great Howard Stern musical guests. Even Iggy Pop, Don Felder, and AC/DC have performed on the show.

What musicians have been on the Howard Stern Show? What are the best music performances on the Howard Stern show? Take a look here and decide for yourself.