All the Jason Bourne Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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Ever since he floated up in the Mediterranean sea with almost complete memory loss, Jason Bourne has captivated audiences - especially avid fans of spy novels. The books in the Jason Bourne series have been phenomenally successful, rendering the eponymous character a modern day James Bond. Here, you'll find all Jason Bourne books ranked by your votes. 

Like all the best fictional characters, Jason Bourne's appeal extends across time. Multiple creative people have added to his character and storyline. Originally the work of Robert Ludlum, the 1980 spy thriller The Bourne Identity introduced readers to the character. After Ludlum passed away, Eric Van Lustbader kept the Bourne saga going with The Bourne Legacy and subsequent releases. Filmmakers have gotten in on the Bourne action, creating a series of films based on the novels. Every Jason Bourne novel contributes to his storyline, so browse this list to see all the required reading for Bourne fans. 

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