All the Land of Stories Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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Lovers of all things fairy tale delighted in Chris Colfer's series The Land of Stories. All the Land of Stories books bring archetypal characters into a more modern setting, enchanting readers with a Little Red Riding Hood who's not so little and new and hilarious magical beings like Froggy and Trollbella. Here, you will find all Land of Stories books ranked by fan votes! 

While the series is chronological, the many installations each include their own specific storylines. There's nothing wrong with skipping around, especially if you're re-reading, but you may be wondering which book to read first! Should you begin with the end with Worlds Collide and watch as Connor and Alex try to deal with a chaotic New York City being invaded by fairy tale creatures? Or should you read up on Alex's quest to become a fairy godmother in A Grimm Warning? You'll find every Land of Stories book below, ranked from best to worst. Browse these titles to help make your next reading selection. 

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