The Best Madhouse Anime, Ranked

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The best Studio Madhouse anime films and shows always leave viewers wanting more. They have been producing anime for over three decades and are behind some of the most popular animes of all time, including One Punch Man, and Hunter × Hunter. Did you know they assisted with the production of the WW2 anime Barefoot Gen? With so many hit animes though, which one is their best? See what fans like you think is the best Madhouse anime in the ranked list below.

With a plethora of famous anime under its belt, Madhouse has established itself as one of the most dominant anime studios of the modern era. To help you rank the best Madhouse animes, every single one they've ever produced is listed below. Their worksspan multiple genres of anime, including fighting, horror, mecha, adventure and a lot more. Some of the anime included on this list are juggernaut shows, such as Claymore and Strawberry Panic! 

Vote for you favorites on this list of all Madhouse anime, and watch them rise to the top! If you haven't seen a show, please don't vote it down. To help you decide whether or not to watch a series, we've included trailers when available. Just click on the name of the anime. Aside from being a crowdranked voice on the the best Madhouse anime, this list can also help you find some new shows to marathon!

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