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List of All Marmalade Boy Characters, Best to Worst

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Vote for your favorite Marmalade Boy character, no matter how big of a role they play in the show.

List of every Marmalade Boy character from the classic shoujo anime series. Weigh in on the best characters from this amazing series! Marmalade Boy Chronicles the romantic adventures of Miki Koishikawa, Yuu Matsuura and all of their friends. If you're unfamiliar with the series, Marmalade Boy was a ground-breaking anime in its own right. The spousal swap among Miki and Yuu’s parents at the beginning of the series sets the tone for a story where anything can happen. Love triangles and forbidden relationships between teachers and students are just a couple of the storylines that make fans fall in love with the show. Do you like Miki, Yuu, Meiko, Kei or one of the others?

Cast your votes for your favorite personalities. Whether you like the main characters or the secondary ones, you have the chance to let everyone know now. Click the thumbs up for the characters you love the most, and downvote the ones you didn't like as much.

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