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Created by writer Todd DeZago and artist Todd Nauck, these 16 characters made up all members of the Young Justice superhero team from DC Comics. The characters listed here all played an integral part in the comic book series, which started in 1998 and continued until the fictional group disbanded in 2003.

Each of the characters were teenagers and had their own special powers. Their first appearance came in June of 1998 in Young Justice: The Secret, which debuted right around the time the Teen Titans group debuted. Young Justice eventually ended in 2003, and along with the disbanded members of Teen Titans, split into two new groups, a second-generation Teen Titans group and a new group, the Outsiders.

While each of the characters served one purpose in the group, Superboy, Robin, and Impulse were the featured main characters. Along with the other characters and the mentors of Red Tornado and Snapper Carr, the group made appearances in crossover DC comic books as well as in their own throughout the years.

An animated television series even aired featuring the Young Justice team with a debut in 2011 on the Cartoon Network. Though the group disbanded in 2003, fans of the team can still enjoy the Young Justice favorites on television, as the series was reportedly renewed for another season in 2012.

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