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All New York Airports

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A list of all New York airports. Every NY airport has been included. Air travel is a gift of the modern age. Despite all of the hassle involved with flying, airplanes were a game-changing invention. As air transportation has become more popular, even some of the smaller states now have multiple international airports. This list includes some of the top biggest, largest, and busiest American airports. All major airports are included. If you have flown into this state, then chances are you've visited at least one of these airports.
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    Albany International Airport

    Albany, New York
    FAA Code: ALB. Number of Enplanements: 1,365,854.
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    Buffalo Niagara International Airport

    New York, United States of America
    FAA Code: BUF. Number of Enplanements: 2,744,501.
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    Elmira/Corning Regional Airport

    FAA Code: ELM. Number of Enplanements: 104,508.
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    Greater Binghamton Airport

    Binghamton, New York
    FAA Code: BGM. Number of Enplanements: 108,325.
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    Greater Rochester International Airport

    Rochester, New York
    FAA Code: ROC. Number of Enplanements: 1,349,694.
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    FAA Code: ITH. Number of Enplanements: 91,866.
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    FAA Code: JFK. Number of Enplanements: 23,620,948.

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    LaGuardia Airport

    New York metropolitan area, United States of America
    FAA Code: LGA. Number of Enplanements: 11,567,586.
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    Long Island MacArthur Airport

    Long Island, New York
    FAA Code: ISP. Number of Enplanements: 1,048,768.
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    Plattsburgh International Airport

    Plattsburgh, New York
    FAA Code: PBG. Number of Enplanements: 45,998.
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    Stewart International Airport

    New York metropolitan area, United States of America
    FAA Code: SWF. Number of Enplanements: 392,464.
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    Syracuse Hancock International Airport

    Colgate University, Hamilton
    FAA Code: SYR. Number of Enplanements: 1,105,143.
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    Westchester County Airport

    The Kildonan School, Amenia
    FAA Code: HPN. Number of Enplanements: 904,482.