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All of Judd Apatow's Nerdy White Guys, Ranked

List RulesList includes any "nerdy, white guy" character from Judd Apatow's film or TV projects.

If you haven’t noticed, most of the characters in Judd Apatow movies are nerdy white guys. Some of them are your classic D&D nerds, while others are nerdy about weed or comedy. Regardless of what their nerd qualifications are, they’re all dorks. When you look all of the Judd Apatow characters in a row, you don’t just see a mixed bag of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill staring back at you, but a mélange of various interests that, when obsessed over in the way that the characters from Apatow’s films themselves would, can make someone extremely nerdy. It doesn’t matter if the characters are massive sports fans or potheads, their singular focus is what lifts them up to the rarified air of dork status. Your task, should you accept it, is to rank all of Judd Apatow’s nerdy white guys.

It’s obvious even from Apatow’s earliest endeavors that he has a soft spot for nerds. This fact is most evident when you watch Freaks and Geeks. But even in his most recent Netflix series, Love, he takes great pains to paint the lovable nerds that pepper the show in fine brush strokes, showing the viewer that no nerd is exactly the same. Do you have a favorite nerd from Judd Apatow’s stable of loveable losers? If you’re not sure, reconnect with all of the nerdy sweethearts on this list of every nerdy white guy in a Judd Apatow movie.

Vote up the nerdiest of Apatow’s nerdy white guys, then leave a comment about why the characters on this list are actually cool and not nerdy at all!
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  • 1

    Movie: Superbad
    Nerd Street Cred: He gave himself a nickname.

    No one should ever give themselves a nickname, no matter how cool they think it sounds.
  • 2

    Movie: The 40-Year-Old Virgin
    Nerd Street Cred: His huge action figure and comic book collection.

    Aside from working at an electronics store, Andy's life basically revolves around reading comics and watching Survivor with an elderly couple in his apartment complex. So you know, normal stuff.
  • 3

    TV Show: Freaks and Geeks
    Nerd Street Cred: Consistently picked last in gym.

    Bill goes so far as to prank call his gym teacher/mom's boyfriend to try to get himself picked somewhere closer to the middle in gym.
  • 4



    Movie: Superbad
    Nerd Street Cred: He reads The Goon

    Anyone who has multiple posters for The Goon in their bedroom is either super cool or super nerdy.

  • 5

    Sam Weir


    TV Show: Freaks and Geeks
    Nerd Street Cred: His favorite movie is The Jerk

    He can quote the best Steve Martin movie at the drop of a hat and he even broke up with a girl over her dislike of the movie.
  • 6

    TV Show: Freaks and Geeks
    Nerd Street Cred: He wants to be a ventriloquist.

    Neal will take any chance he gets to work on his creepy ventriloquism act, even his parent's dinner party. 
  • 7



    Movie: Superbad
    Nerd Street Cred: He's obsessed with drawing penises.

    There's not a man alive who can draw a more interesting wiener.
  • 8

    Peter Bretter


    Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    Nerd Street Cred: He wrote a puppet show.

    And not just any puppet show, a puppet show about Dracula called A Taste of Love.
  • 9



    Movie: This Is 40
    Nerd Street Cred: He owns a record label.

    Not only does Pete own a record label, but he's obsessed with Graham Parker, which is basically like music nerdom to the nth degree.
  • 10

    Steven Karp


    TV Show: Undeclared
    Nerd Street Cred: Steven looOOooOoOooOOoOOoves The X-Files.

    Steven starts out Undeclared as your standard college dork, but when his dad shows up and outcools him, Steven is cemented as a real dork.
  • 11

    TV Show: Freaks and Geeks
    Nerd Street Cred: This dude LOVES playing drums. 

    He's not great, but if you need a drummer with a 25 piece kit, Nick is your man.
  • 12

    Aaron Green


    Movie: Get Him to the Greek
    Nerd Street Cred: He's an Aldous Snow super fan.

    His depth of music knowledge goes beyond that of any normal fan, which is why he's tasked with trying to get his favorite singer to Los Angeles.
  • 13



    TV Show: Undeclared
    Nerd Street Cred: He makes his girlfriend a pillow case with his face on it that says "Dreaming of You..."

    If you ever need anything copied, Eric's your guy. Just don't hurt his feelings.
  • 14

    Marshall Nesbitt


    TV Show: Undeclared
    Nerd Street Cred: Nesbitt is just a straight up dork from Iowa. 

    Nesbitt isn't just your basic college nerd, he's a college nerd who's considered the best worker in the cafeteria.
  • 15

    TV Show: The Critic
    Nerd Street Cred: He knows everything there is to know about film. 

    If you need an opinion on a movie Jay's the guy you want to ask, unless you're worried that it stinks.
  • 16

    Gus Cruikshank


    TV Show: Love
    Nerd Street Cred: He plays bass in a band that writes theme songs for movies that don't have theme songs.

    Not only did he find at least 10 different rhymes for Carlito's Way, but he'll play the bass anywhere, anytime.
  • 17

    Ron Garner


    TV Show: Undeclared
    Nerd Street Cred: Ron is a HUGE Adam Sandler fan. 

    When Sandler plays a concert at his university, Ron can barely speak even though the comedian hangs out in is dorm room.
  • 18

    Movie: Knocked Up
    Nerd Street Cred: He lOOooOoOoOOoOoOoOves porn.

    Specifically, Stone is a fan of celebrity porn and he's working on a site dedicated to his passion. That is, when he's not smoking ALL the weed.
  • 19

    Movie: Pineapple Express
    Nerd Street Cred: He's a weed know it all. 

    He may seem like a lackadaisical stoner, but he's basically a card catalog of information about marijuana.
  • 20

    Dr. Aaron Conners


    Movie: Trainwreck
    Nerd Street Cred: He's a sports doctor.

    He loves getting lunch with LeBron James and talking about his love life. Also, he performs surgery to "Uptown Girl."
  • 21

    Ira Wright


    Movie: Funny People
    Nerd Street Cred: He's a comedy nerd. 

    Ira spends his nights hanging out at open mics and dissecting jokes, it doesn't get much nerdier than that.
  • 22

    Mike O'Hara


    Movie: Boston Pride
    Nerd Street Cred: Mike is so obsessed with the Celtics that his wife divorces him. 

    He's such a fan of Boston basketball that he almost goes to prison to help them win the playoffs.