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Mystique's Long and (Shape) Shifting List of Lovers

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Say what you want about the sometimes-villain, sometimes-X-Men-member Mystique, but you cannot deny that the girl gets down. There have been many Mystique lovers over her nearly 40-year stint in publication. Mystique hook-ups are pretty common, but she's had her share of long-term relationships, too.

Given her near-immortality due to her mutant shapeshifting ability, there are bound to be a great number of Mystique boyfriends and girlfriends. The lady knows how to get her some, so we have to give her credit for that. Take a look at this list of lovers that Mystique has taken to bed over the years.

  • Mystique and Sabretooth shacked up for a while and got wild, but Mystique ultimately fakes her death in order to leave him. However, their animal lovemaking got Mystique pregnant with Sabretooth's son, and she gives the child up for adoption. That child grows up to become Graydon Creed, the founder of the anti-mutant "Friends of Humanity" organization. No matter what, your family's dysfunction pales in comparison.

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  • In Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #24, it was revealed that Charles Xavier married Mystique shortly before his untimely death. Needless to say, at the reading of Xavier's will, the X-Men were floored at this revelation. Many readers were equally shocked at the WTF-ness of it all.

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    In Uncanny X-Force #26,  Fantomex believes he is enjoying the company of fellow teammate Psylocke. Instead, it turns out that he had been coupling with Mystique the whole time. After the big reveal, naturally, there was a post-coital gun fight.

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  • Mystique infiltrates the X-Men ranks once again, only this time posing as a young mutant named "Foxx." Her purpose? To seduce Gambit and ruin his relationship with her adopted daughter, Rogue. Gambit wises up and discovers that Foxx is really Mystique.

    However, before Gambit reveals this to the other X-Men, Mystique has a counter-offer. Mystique points out that due to Rogue's mutant abilities, she can't have any skin-to-skin contact without nearly killing a person. If Gambit wants Rogue, Mystique can shapeshift into her. I mean, it wouldn't really be cheating, right?

    Emma Frost finds out that Foxx is Mystique and after some negotiations, Mystique remains with the X-Men despite Gambit's protests. Yet we never do know whether or not Gambit took Mystique up on her sex offer. If he didn't, Gambit still kinda sucks.

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