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All One Piece Opening Songs, Ranked Best to Worst

With almost twenty different intros now, we figured it's about time we rank the best One Piece opening since the start of the series. What is your very favorite One Piece intro song? Let us know by clicking the thumbs up next to the opening you love the most. It's hard to believe that the Luffy and the gang started their journey over 15 years ago, especially since the show is still going strong. A great aspect of the series has always been its intro videos, which are fun, colorful, and EXTREMELY catchy. People have very different opinions about which One Piece opening song is the best, which is why we've created this ranked list of all of them for you to vote on. The very first intro of the show, We Are!, has been remade a few different times, but we've included all three versions of the song for you to vote on. All the videos are included with each introduction, so you can watch all the One Piece openings here on this page. If you're all caught up with the show, the earlier intros can be extremely nostalgic, so don't say we didn't warn you when this list makes you want to start the series from the beginning again!