All Oscar Hosts

This list includes all Oscar hosts ever. Since the Academy Awards ceremonies began in 1929, 73 different people have hosted or co-hosted the event. Some have hosted multiple times, but none holds a candle to Bob Hope. The actor/comedian hosted the Oscars the most with a record 18 different times, beginning in 1940. Other multiple hosts or co-hosts include Billy Crystal (8 times), Johnny Carson (5 times), Jack Lemmon (4 times), and Whoopi Goldberg (4 times). If you're wondering who's hosting the Oscars this year, last year, or the last 10 years through history, just read below. 

Oscar hosts have included actors and actresses, film directors, musicians, and comedians. Oh, and an animated Disney character. Yes, in 1958, Donald Duck cohosted the Academy Awards alongside Bob Hope, David Niven, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, and Rosalind Russell. Donald didn't actually appear on stage, only on film, but this marks the only time any animated character has officially hosted the Oscars. This list of Oscar hosts by year has all the information you'll need about the guys and gals who have hosted this star-studded affair.

Who are the best Oscar hosts? This list will help determine the best of the best when it comes to previous Oscar hosts and Academy Awards hosts over the years.

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