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All the Outlander Books, Ranked Best to Worst

What are the best Outlander books? If you’re an Outlander superfan, you probably have a clear ranking of the eight current books in the fantasy-romance series in mind. This list includes every Outlander book, and allows you to vote for your favorites. You don’t just have to pick one - instead, you can set up your own definitive ranking of these beloved books.

Author Diana Gabaldon didn’t intend for Outlander to become a sprawling epic. She wrote the first novel for practice, after seeing a Doctor Who character: a Scotsman from the 1700s. That got her imagination stirring, and the rest is literary history. The first Outlander book was released in 1991, and in the years that followed, each of the other seven books only served to grow the fan base for the franchise. In August 2014, Starz launched the Outlander TV series, which sent all the books back up bestseller lists worldwide (and if you loved that adaptation, you can find other shows like Outlander to watch too).

The popularity of Outlander isn’t hard to understand. Who doesn’t root for Claire and Jamie and their sweeping, time-crossing romance? This list includes all the Outlander books ranked, so it’s time for you to weigh in with your choices.