From Kanto To Paldea: Every Pokémon Gym Leader, Ranked

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While the characters have certainly changed over the last 20+ years, facing off against an assortment of Pokémon gym leaders is still one of the series' biggest staples. Starting with Kanto gym leaders like Brock and Misty up to some tough Paldea gym leaders like Grusha and Iono, these tough trainers act as the main boss of the particular gym, and they often feature an assortment of powerful Pokémon you can't help but envy. Whether they're cocky, tough, arrogant, or simply annoying, this list ranks all the Pokémon gym leaders throughout the series, with your votes.

Arguably one of the most memorable leaders in the series, Giovanni is the big bad boss of Team Rocket and has appeared in numerous games over the years, while Nessa is one of the latest Pokémon female gym leaders who prefers water-type attacks. And while some gym leaders were so popular that they appeared in numerous generations, others were one and done.

From the early days of Red and Blue up to all the new leaders in Scarlet and Violet, check out this comprehensive list of all the gym leaders from all nine generations and vote up all your favorite and most memorable opponents. Be sure to check out the most popular Professors in Pokemon!

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  • Sabrina


    1,519 votes

    "I first learned to bend spoons with my mind. I dislike fighting, but if you wish, I will show you my powers!"

    Region: Kanto

    Badge: Marsh Badge

    First Appears In: Generation 1

  • Misty
    1,258 votes

    "Misty, the world-famous beauty, is your host! Are you ready, sweetie?"

    Region: Kanto

    Badge: Cascade Badge

    First Appears In: Generation 1

  • Tulip
    1 OF 5
    #43 needs votes


    316 votes

    "Allow me to put my skills to use to make your cute little Pokémon even more beautiful!"

    Region: Paldea

    Badge: Psychic Badge

    First Appears In: Generation IX

  • Nessa


    1,191 votes

    "Let's head to the stadium. I love fishing, but I love Pokémon battles even more and I'm itching for a battle with you!"

    Region: Galar

    Badge: Water Badge

    First Appears In: Generation VIII

  • Elesa


    1,166 votes

    "My name is Elesa. I'm this town's Gym Leader. I also happen to be a model."

    Region: Unova

    Badge: Bolt Badge

    First Appears In: Generation V

  • Raihan


    1,014 votes

    "Oh! If it isn't the Trainer endorsed by the Champion! Let's see... What was your name again?"

    Region: Galar

    Badge: Dragon Badge

    First Appears In: Generation VIII

  • Marnie


    988 votes

    "You're lookin' a bit gobsmacked by all this. You must be from a small country town, is that it?"

    Region: Galar

    Badge: Dark Badge

    First Appears In: Generation VIII