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All Prince Of Tennis Characters, Best to Worst

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Vote for your favorite Prince of Tennis character from any school or academy.
List of all Prince of Tennis characters, including all the protagonists from Seishun Academy, as well as the enemy opponents from Fudoumine, St. Rudolph, Hyoutei Academy, and any other of the rival schools. Prince of Tennis boasts a huge cast of characters, with the majority of them being the opponents of Seishun Academy. Like many other sports anime, you don't even have to like tennis in real life to enjoy the show. Players have their own array of particular abilities that are showcased, including various spins, power shots, and more. We want you to vote for the best Prince of Tennis characters (in your opinion), no matter whether they're good or bad in the show. We've tried to include every Prince of Tennis character, but if we're missing a few that you like then feel free to add them to the list.   
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