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All Punch Out Characters: List of Punch Out Game Characters

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All Punch Out Video Game Characters include every fighter from the Punch Out and Mike Tyson's Punch Out game franchise. The Mike Tyson's Punch Out characters include classic Punchout fighters like Little Mac and even Donkey Kong. The Punch Out game characters were recently revived on the Wii and the Punch Out Characters list includes those characters as well. Feel free to use this list as a starting point for your own favorite video game characters list.
  • Von Kaiser is a fictional character from the Nintendo-produced Punch-Out!! series of video games. He first appeared in Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Von Kaiser is a German boxer from Berlin. He has been viewed as a major character in the series, but several outlets have noted him as an example of negative stereotyping, especially with his indirect connection to Nazism....  more
  • Vodka Drunkenski
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    Vodka Drunkenski

  • Rick Bruiser
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