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The Best Car Racing Movies That Really Put The Pedal To The Metal

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This is the starting line for the best car racing movies and Nascar movies. What's the best racing movie of all time? These are the top racing films and can be reranked to make your own list of automotive racing movies. If you want more awesome movie ideas; then check out our lists of best drama movies, best action movies on Netflix and best comedies on Netflix

A lot of times top car brands are showcased in these films. So, what are the best racing movies? Some of the best racing films on this list are street racing movies like The Fast and the Furious. Also, if you enjoy racing films check out Ranker's list of car chase movies and our car movies list.

These racing movies have all the drama you could want on and off the track because they are the best. And if you like these movies, be sure to check out these other movies about driving and cars.