Every Resident Evil Movie, Ranked Best to Worst

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Resident Evil has been a popular video game franchise since it debuted in 1996, but it became a cultural phenomenon thanks to its blockbuster film series. The best Resident Evil movies feature grotesque monsters and thrilling fights. This is a list of every Resident Evil movies, ranked from best to worst by fans like you.

What film would you vote to the top of the list? Maybe you would pick the original Resident Evil. This 2002 movie introduces audiences to the Umbrella Corporation and its secretive mission, and marks the debut of Milla Jovovich's butt-kicking Alice. The first film follows Alice as she attempts to contain an outbreak of a horrific virus that transforms people into zombie-like creatures. Later installments see her fighting mutated monsters alongside human survivors. In 2016, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was released - though movie-goers will have to wait and see if the title proves true.

Which movie is the best? That's up to you to decide. Make your voice heard and rank these Resident Evil movies best to worst.