All the Rizzoli & Isles Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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If you're a fan of murder mystery combined with quirky characters and female friendship, chances are you have an opinion on the best Rizzoli & Isles books. The suspenseful series, penned by Tess Gerritsen, proved so captivating with readers that it spawned a popular TNT show, in which fans got to see their favorite crime fighting duo come to life on screen. Here, you'll find all Rizzoli & Isles books ranked best to worst by your votes! 

Every Rizzoli & Isles book has unique merits. The 2002 The Apprentice – the second in the series – was the first to include both Rizzoli and Isles, introducing the friendship at the core of the books. Body Double got glowing reviews from several outlets and remains a fan favorite. For these and other reading recommendations, browse the list below. 

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