All the Shopaholic Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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Since the first installment of the series in 2000, chick-lit fans have loved navigating the ups and downs of bubbly protagonist Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood. The very premise of the series - a financial adviser harboring a secret shopping addiction - pretty much guarantees humor, and diehard lovers of the novels have opinions on the best Shopaholic books. Here, you'll find all Shopaholic books ranked best to worst by your votes! 

In The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, readers were first introduced to Becky as she dealt with debt and an addiction to shopping in all its forms. From there, readers delighted to see Rebecca's life unfold. As Becky navigates marriage, motherhood, and more, her shopping addiction continually remains an issue that causes drama. Part of the charm of the series is its ability to highlight the real facts about addiction and how it affects one's life while retaining its humorous edge. For reading recommendations from the series, peruse the list below. 

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