The Best Sons Of Anarchy Characters

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All minor and major characters from Sons of Anarchy. Vote for your personal favorite characters from the show, regardless of how beloved they are by others.

If someone asked you who the best Sons of Anarchy character was, what would you say? From Tig Trager to  to Gemma Teller Morrow, let's find out who the best Sons of Anarchy characters are, with the help of your votes. This ranked list contains all Sons of Anarchy main characters, as well as all your favorite side characters that make SOA the fantastic series that it is.

Obviously a lot of the popular characters in Sons of Anarchy are going to be considered the best - how can you not love the protagonist, Jax Teller? Played by Charlie Hunnam, Jax ends up becoming the president of SAMCRO in Season 5 of the hit drama. What makes the role even more impressive is the fact that Hunnam is British - if you didn't know that going into the series, you'd never recognize it in his voice. Other fan favorite Sons of Anarchy characters include Jax's best friend Opie Winston, and Clay Morrow, who is romantically involved with Jax's mother, Gemma.

This list is a good way to learn all the Sons of Anarchy character names, especially now that spinoff Mayans M.C. is a thing. To make it easier for you, there are pictures of every Sons of Anarchy character on the list, so you can easily recognize each one.

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