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The Best Soul Eater Characters

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All minor and major characters from Soul Eater. Vote for your personal favorite characters from the show, regardless of how beloved they are by others.

Of all the Soul Eater characters, who is your favorite? From Blair to Crona, let's find out who the best Soul Eater characters are, with the help of your votes. This ranked list contains all Soul Eater main characters, as well as all your favorite side characters that make Soul Eater the great anime that it is.

Obviously a lot of the popular characters in Soul Eater are going to be considered the best - how can you not love Soul Eater Evans, Black Star, or Tsubaki? Death the Kid is another character in Soul Eater that everyone loves, even if he can be uptight (according to Franken Stein, that is.)

This list is a good way to learn all the Soul Eater character names, especially if you're a beginner to the series. To make it easier for you, there are pictures of every Soul Eater character on the list, so you can easily recognize each one and there are memorable quotes when available. This is also a list of all Soul Eater voice actors and actresses, as the people who voice the characters are included when available.

  • Franken Stein

    Franken Stein

    Memorable Quotes:

    • All the more reason to dissect one, before the whole species dies off.
    • Are you helping because you're a doctor? Or is it because you're a Witch?
    • What's good and evil is determined by those of who are in power.
  • Memorable Quotes:

    • In the end the shape and form don't matter at all, it's only the soul that matters right? Nothing else.
    • I'm hungry! can we just get his damn zombie soul already?
    • As a cool guy, I'm used to seeing naked women.
  • Death the Kid

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Symmetry is what makes the world beautiful.
    • You're right, I'm an abomination! I'm filthy and dirty! And unbalanced! Why is there only one set of stripes?! I'm garbage! Asymmetrical garbage! I deserve to die!
    • No I can't go on like this! I should die! How could this happen? Did I really forget to fold the tip of the toilet paper into a triangle?
  • Memorable Quotes:

    • Excuse me! I'm not a microphone, I'm a chain scythe! A weapon! You don't understand assassination, do you?
    • I am Tsubaki, a flower without fragrance. When I fall it will be silent and tragic.
    • Our souls, together with you till the end!
  • Death

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Yeah, yeah. Hello, hello.
    • This last collection, the witch's soul, is very important. If you slip up, all of the ninety-nine Kishin souls the two of you have collected so far will be confiscated.
    • People and Gods alike possess weaknesses. In order to bury those failings, they seek strength and power. Fear and desire are two sides of the same coin.
  • Crona

    Memorable Quotes:

    • This much I know: my blood is black.
    • I've never seen a man with a screw sticking out of his head before. I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with a guy like that!
    • I can't lose weight! I don't know how to deal with being any skinnier than I already am!
  • Mifune


    Memorable Quotes:

    • My name is Mifune. I am the guardian of the witch Angela.
    • Killing kids gives me nightmares.
    • I thought I'd seen at least some potential in you... But it seems I've overestimated you.
  • Memorable Quotes:

    • A sound soul dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body.
    • He just ate your soul, you damn cat! What are you still doing up there?!
    • I refuse to let my fear control me anymore.
  • Memorable Quotes:

    • Excuse me for being smaller than my little sister! What right do you have to talk about symmetry, anyway? Three stripes on the left side of your hair and none on the right?! That doesn't look symmetrical to me!
    • Now, now, Kid. You can't forget that you're a grim reaper. Compared to that, what do three little lines matter?
    • Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he? These little rich kids are always so gullible.
  • Memorable Quotes:

    • Yeah, Kid! You're not garbage. If you were garbage you would smell a lot worse, so why don't we just get up and try again, okay?
    • You broke the Pharaoh! "You broke the Pharaoh! "You broke the Pharaoh!
    • You better watch out! I can break your neck!
  • Black Star

    Memorable Quotes:

    • I am the great assassin Black Star! And I've come here to assassinate you all!
    • Assassin's rule number one - silence: dissolve in the darkness and erase your breath. Wait for an opening to attack your target.
    • It could be real difficult to hide when you're as big a star as I am.
  • Spirit Albarn

    Spirit Albarn

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Hey, Soul Eater. If you even think of touching my Maka, if you lay a hand on her, as a death scythe... no. As her father, I will freaking kill you. You got me, you little octopus head?
    • Good times at Chupacabras!
    • Oh my darling. My dear white coated angel. Please heal me! My heart is in need of your sweet, sweet medical lovin only you can cure!
  • Memorable Quotes:

    • I'm... going to marry the toilet. Don't you see? The toilet will accept anything I do!
    • An apple a day keeps any one away if you throw it hard enough!
  • Memorable Quotes:

    • Ding Dong, Dead Dong.
    • Back when I was alive I was definitely a man who would never tell a lie, but a lot of thing have changed since then.
    • Back when I was still alive I hated it when dirty tricks like this were pulled!
  • Mira Nygus

    Mira Nygus

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Stop all that absurd posturing and listen to will die. You're a human being, not a god.
  • Justin Law

    Justin Law

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Oh great Lord of ours who dwells within the City of Death, May thy name be kept true. Oh Lord of Death! I am your servant of peace! I am a pillar of justice! I am a blade of faith! In the name of the great Lord Death, "Law Abiding Silver Gun!"
    • There's no truth to be found in this world. We choose the god who suits us and gives us what we need, and then we live happily with our choice. What's so wrong with that!?
  • Blair


    Memorable Quotes:

    • Pum, Pum, Pum, Pum. I always get what I want, so just give it to me. Pum, Pum, Pum, Pum. I'm a beauty, beautiful pretty lady. But you know, you know I've got a secret yes I do. Pumpkins, Pum, Pum, Pumpkins. Pum, Pum, Pumpkins because that's my magic spell. Pum, Pum, Pumpkins, Pum, Pum, Pumpkins yeah!
    • I never said I was a witch, did I? You just made that assumption all on your own. I'm really just a cat with a ridiculous amount of magical power.
    • Now which one of you young men wants to take a bath with me?


  • Kiriku Rung

    Kiriku Rung

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Geez. There's no end to 'em.
  • Ragnarok

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Goop, goop, goopi-pi.
    • If you let him hit you with that technique again, I'm gonna stick thumbtacks in your shoes, got it?
    • Crona! Quit thinking about the brat who ran off and focus on the one who's right in front of you!
  • Kishin Asura

    Kishin Asura

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Imagination is where all our fear originates, it is the mother of terror and mankind's greatest weakness.
    • Nothing uncertain exists here. Not even fear.
    • Everybody has it huh...then it’s just like madness.
  • Medusa

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Snake, Snake, Cobra, Cobbra.
    • You're horrible! Commenting on my appearance like that! I don't have to listen to this from you! It's sexual harassment!
    • You think that you can punish me? How arrogant. You're the one who betrayed the Grim Reaper. Tell me, what do you think that your sentence will be? What gives you the right to be the one to punish me?
  • Angela Leon

    Angela Leon

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Don't be mean to Mifune!
    • Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot.
  • Excalibur


    Memorable Quotes:

    • My legend dates back to the 12th Century thank you very much.
    • Nothing beats a cup of herbal tea in the morning.
    • Thus I found myself carrying the entire weight of the troop as I preformed my dance before a capacity crowd at the opera house.
  • Fire and Thunder

    Fire and Thunder

  • Yumi Azusa

    Yumi Azusa

    Memorable Quotes:

    • I mean, you don't have to.