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The Best Spider-Man Villains

List RulesVote up the greatest Spidey villains, foes, and bad guys who've most effectively made Peter Parker's life even more miserable.

Here's the list of the greatest Spider-Man villains and enemies Peter Parker has ever had. This Spider-Man villain list includes the heaviest hitters of Spider-Man's bad guys and the lowliest of the Spider-Man rogues gallery, one the best line-ups in comics. A webslinger as swinging as Spider-Man is obviously going to inspire some haters, particularly when the wall-crawler foils their plans to wreak havoc in New York. From the unpredictable Green Goblin to the electrifying Electro, to Doc Ock in his Superior Spider-Man guise - everyone has favorite Spidey villains to hate. 

Who are the most menacing Spider-Man villains? These may not be all the Spider-Man enemies ever, but they are the best. Vote for your favorite Spider-Man enemy to have them reach the top.

So who are the best Spider-Man villains? That's up to you.