All the Spiderwick Chronicles Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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What are the best Spiderwick Chronicles books? Since the first book, The Field Guide, was released in 2003, this series has become one of the most popular children’s fantasy book series in literary history. Authors Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black created a world of epic fantasy, and established a highly successful writing partnership along the way.

The Spiderwick Chronicles follows the Grace children, big sister Mallory and her twin brothers, Jared and Simon, as they move with their mom into the old Spiderwick Estate. Soon, the kids begin discovering mysteries in the house, including secret rooms and a brownie named Thimbletack. The children are thrust into a lively world of magic, faeries, and folklore.

Are you a Spiderwick super fan? What’s your favorite book in the series? For some fans, the answer will be easy; others might have more than one favorite. Here’s the good news: every Spiderwick Chronicles book is listed here, and you can vote for all your top choices. This list of Spiderwick Chronicles books ranked might just inspire a trip to the library.