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The Hardest Bosses In 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order'

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Now that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been out for a while, players have gotten a good chance to see what the game has to offer, especially by way of bosses. Some of these baddies are definitely pushovers, while others demand tons of skill, dexterity, and a little luck. Each enemy requires a slightly different strategy to win, but after some practice, players should be flying through the game with ease - even on harder difficulties.

From Trilla up to Taron, this list ranks all the main bosses from Fallen Order by way of difficulty. While some are easier than others, Star Wars Jedi is known for giving gamers some of the toughest boss battles this side of Dagobah. Which boss did you find the hardest to defeat?

Vote up all the toughest bosses so other gamers can help prepare for all the epic showdowns that are sure to come. 

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    Second Sister

    Species: Human

    Background: She was once a Jedi Knight, but now serves as an Inquisitor for the Sith. She is known to be manipulative, often playing with her prey, and unpredictable in battle.

    Tactical Tips: Her movements are fast and unpredictable, so keeping your distance, parrying, and blocking are going to be your best friends. Your attack window is narrow, and finding it might take some trial and error, so just be patient.


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    Taron Malicos

    Species: Human

    Background: Once a Jedi, he betrayed his own troops during Order 66, then crash landed on the Outer Rim planet Dathomir, where he fell to the Dark Side.

    Tactical Tips: Taron spends a good deal of the battle fighting you from a distance, often forcing you back with the Force. You won't be able to use the Force back, so do your best to get up close for some good damage, while parrying and blocking when necessary.

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    Oggdo Bogdo

    Species: Oddgo

    Background: This hideous creature is easily one of the scariest in the game. Due to its sheer size, it's often hard to avoid and can overwhelm pretty easily if you're not careful.

    Tactical Tips: One of the main keys to defeating this boss is to know how to parry his attacks. If timed correctly, you can actually stun it by deflecting their strikes, therefore giving you enough time to inflict some serious damage.

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    Ninth Sister

    Species: Dowutin

    Background: A powerful Inquisitor for the Sith, the Ninth Sister is capable of reading the minds of her enemies.

    Tactical Tips: The Ninth Sister is imposing when it comes to her physicality, and for good reason—up-close encounters can be incredibly deadly. Instead, try to keep your distance and use ranged attacks to get the job done.

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