The Most Hated Star Wars Villains

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The biggest villains in the Star Wars galaxy are truly among the top scum of the universe. This list of all villains from Star Wars and images of the Star Wars enemy gallery. Of all the Star Wars supervillains names listed here, it is difficult to say who we hated the most. If you can figure that out, make a new list of your favorite Star Wars villains and publish the list for everyone else to see.

Who are the baddest Star Wars bad guys? The scheming Emperor Palpatine? His half-machine apprentice, Darth Vader? Conflicted newcomer Kylo Ren? What about all the Stormtroopers with terrible aim?

You can vote now on the biggest villains in the Star Wars movies and before you ask, yes, Jar Jar Binks is an enemy of EVERYONE. Who are your favorite bad guys in Star Wars?

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