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The Best Street Fighter Characters of All Time, Ranked

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If there’s one thing Street Fighter fans want to know, it’s who are the best Street Fighter characters of all time. Since Capcom created the series in the mid-80s, it has spawned many fan favorite playable and non-playable characters. In fact, many originally non-playable characters have gone on to be playable.

To answer the question of who are the best characters, we have compiled a list of all Street Fighter characters across every Street Fighter game. The cast certainly includes a lot of colorful characters, from boxers and martial artists to military officers and dictators. Gender-wise, the Street Fighter series is fairly egalitarian, with female characters like Chun Li and Cammy.

If you want to make your own ranking of your favorite Street Fighter characters, feel free to use this list of as a starting point. But be sure to vote for your favorite Street Fighter characters, as this this is supposed to be a crowd ranked list. Don’t see your favorite Street Fighter characters listed? Add them so others may vote on them! From the original Street Fighter characters to the numerous sequels, find the street fighters you most love and vote for them! May the best Street Fighter win!