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The Best Syfy Original Movies

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Here is a list of every Syfy original movie that has currently been aired. Every Syfy channel movie has been included. Syfy original movies are typically made for only one or two million dollars and air saturday nights on the Syfy channel. The genre is, of course, usually science fiction, but they do sometimes lean into fantasy. The company in charge of these movies is known as "Sci Fi Pictures" and they are often both funny and scary horror films. Despite their low budget and made for tv status, these films are a lot of fun and a few are even some of the best sci-fi movies we've seen recently.

There are also great monster of the week movies on this list along with the fairly popular Sharknado franchise. But which one should be at the top of the list? You can help decide by voting up your favorites. You can rerank this list, share it with your friends, and then check back to see how your picks rank on the list.