The Cast of All That: What Ever Happened to Them?

For an entire generation of young TV addicts, All That was everything good and holy in the world. We were just kids, and we needed comedic guidance. We needed something of our own. All That was… well… just that. For those lost souls out there who are unfamiliar with All That, it was essentially Saturday Night Live for kids, complete with cold opens and musical guests at the end of the show. But All That wasn’t just a watered down version of SNL — no. The show featured a talented young cast and served up kid friendly comedy that likely got many youngsters hooked on sketch comedy. So what's the All That cast up to today?

While it's easy to look back through rose-colored glasses, even today, All That’s appeal doesn’t end with simple nostalgia. The show was clever. It was well-acted. It skirted that fine line between slapstick-y enough for the little ones yet subtly irreverent enough to appease the older crowd. The cast of All That was supremely talented and featured many future comedy stars, and a few All That alumni went on to become SNL mainstays.

The show spanned ten seasons on Nickelodeon (part of the Snick block) all told, and during that time many a memorable face passed through. From the original run of seasons one through six to the show’s relaunch in the early 2000s, the All That cast provided viewers with a steady stream of enduring characters. But that was so many years ago. Where are they now? In some cases, the answers might surprise you.

Some have found success and stardom, some have laid low and enjoyed the fruits of their childhood labors, and some have seemed to disintegrate completely into shells of their former selves. Most of them have had roles on Boston Public for some reason. Those crazy kids! Take a look at this list of the All That cast over the years to see where they’ve ended up for yourself.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

  • Danny Tamberelli (Then)

    Danny was arguably the most outspoken cast member from All That's early days. Best known for his "Vital Information for Your Everyday Life" and "Jack Campbell: Fat Cop" sketches, Tamberelli was also a staple of other early Nickelodeon programming. From starring on The Adventures of Pete & Pete to an appearance on Space Cases to his famous hair-flipping antics on Figure It Out, Tamberelli tended to pop up everywhere.
  • Dan Tamberelli (Now)
    Photo: David Levy / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
    Tamberelli's career took a decidedly less public turn after his tenure on All That. He's since done voiceover work for a handful of projects like Disney's Fillmore!Grand Theft Auto V, and The Magic School Bus. Yep, that's right. He voiced Arnold on The Magic School Bus. Nowadays, he plays in an actually fairly decent band called Jounce and is a co-creator of the sketch comedy group Man Boobs Comedy.
  • Kenan Thompson (Then)

    "Everyday French with Pierre Escargot" might very well have been the best sketch from All That. It's Kenan Thompson, in a raincoat, in a bathtub, spouting off about nonsensical topics in broken French before laughing maniacally at his English translation. And that was just one of his many incredible sketches - lest we ever forget his adventures as the lactose intolerant vigilante "Super Dude."
  • Thompson's been busy since his time on All That. He starred in Kenan and Kel, Good Burger, Fat Albert, and had roles in the beloved D2: The Mighty Ducks, and the less beloved Snakes on a Plane

    Oh, and he's also been on SNL for over a decade. A DECADE. He's been one of the longest standing cast members since his debut in 2003, and was the first cast member was born after the show's premiere in 1975.
  • Amanda Bynes (Then)

    Amanda Bynes is a great example of flying a little too close to the sun. Where did things go wrong? She was adorable, what with her "Ask Ashley" sketch and bouncy personality. How could you not love her?! 

    And thus The Amanda Show was born, a Hollywood career was launched, and Bynes was on her way to eternal glory...
  • "Dear Ashley (THAAAAAT'S ME), 
    I keep having expensive, reputation-ruining run-ins with the police. What should I do? 
    Sincerely, Amanda."