All The Food That's Smooshed Into Your Video Game Controllers Right Now

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Admit it: as much as you tell people that you never eat snacks and game because it gets your controller greasy, the moment you’ve got the weekend to yourself, you’re shoving your fingers into jars of onion dip while you watch cut scenes or wait to respawn. It’s totally fine! Everyone does it and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your caveman-like instincts to feed and kill (or feed and roll a sticky ball around a countryside while it grows exponentially). Now that your love of gamer food is out in the open, what’s your favorite thing to snack on while you play? There are some specific gaming foods that everyone loves, and most of it is the perfect consistency to get crammed into your controller when you’re not paying attention.

The best video game food is the kind that can be held with one hand, thus making it easier to snack on while you’re button-mashing or trying to level up your character. The nerd food that most gamers gravitate towards are snacks that can be quickly grabbed and shoved into your face without having to take your eyes off of the game. Savory or sweet, it doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of whatever you’re playing. For whatever reason, the same snacks that are easy to eat are also some of the messiest foods known to gaming history. Check out all the snack foods that are probably gunking up your controllers, and then take a trip to the freezer aisle of your local supermarket to stock up on some tasty treats. 

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