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All the Money in the World movie quotes provide the tense dialogue in the film based on the true events of the 1973 kidnapping of the grandson of J. Paul Getty, then the richest man in the world. The crime thriller was directed by Ridley Scott using a screenplay David Scarpa adapted from the book Painfully Rich: The Outrageous Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J. Paul Getty by John Pearson. After a last-minute recasting following sexual assault accusations against Kevin Spacey, All the Money in the World opened on the original date planned of December 25, 2017.

In All the Money in the World, John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer and Charlie Shotwell as various ages) is kidnapped in Rome, Italy, by Cinquanta (Romain Duris) and other members of organized crime in 1973. Gail Harris (Michelle Williams), the mother of Getty III, known as Paul, receives a call demanding a ransom of $17 million for Paul's return. While Gail has no fortune, having taken custody of her children rather than money in her divorce from John Paul Getty Jr. (Andrew Buchan), her former father-in-law and oil magnate J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer, who replaced Kevin Spacey one month before the film's opening) surely does.

So with the help of Fletcher Chase (Mark Walhberg), a former CIA agent who serves as an advisor to Getty, Gail pleads with her former father-in-law to pay the ransom. Getty, however, refuses, citing the fact that if he gives in, the door opens for other ransom requests in the future. This leaves Gail and Fletcher to try to find other ways to rescue her beloved son.

Despite the last-minute recasting, All the Money in the World opened theatrically in the United States on time alongside other late 2017 films such as Pitch Perfect 3, Justice League, Downsizing, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.  

  • It's Time for You to Do Whatever It Is He Pays You to Do
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    It's Time for You to Do Whatever It Is He Pays You to Do

    Gail Harris: You carry a gun, Mr. Chase?
    Fletcher Chase: I never bother, it ruins the lines of your suit.
    Gail Harris: You used to be a spy. My child is a prisoner.
    Gail Harris: My former father-in-law only buys the best. It’s time for you to do whatever it is he pays you to do. Let’s hope you're half as good as everything else he’s bought.

    In these All the Money in the World movie quotes, worried mother Gail Harris pleads with Fletcher Chase to help her find her kidnapped son. Gail realizes that Fletcher works for her father-in-law, therefore he must be skilled enough to take on this task.

  • $17 Million to Release Him
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    $17 Million to Release Him

    Cinquanta: Ms. Getty, we have your son... $17 million to release him.
    Gail Harris: I don’t have any money!
    Cinquanta: Get it from your father-in-law. He has all the money in the world.

    Gail receives a call from kidnapper Cinquanta who informs her that he has her son, Paul, and he will be returned for the easy payment of $17 million. While Gail counters with the fact that she doesn't have money, Cinquanta knows her father-in-law certainly does.

  • I Don't Have the Money to Spare
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    I Don't Have the Money to Spare

    Fletcher Chase: You need to pay the ransom, Mr. Getty.
    J. Paul Getty: I do not have the money to spare.
    Fletcher Chase: No one has ever been richer than you are at this moment. What would it take for you to feel secure?
    J. Paul Getty: More
    Fletcher Chase: I’m going to find your son.

    Fletcher Chase urges J. Paul Getty to pay the $17 million ransom to rescue his kidnapped grandson in these All the Money in the World movie quotes. But Getty isn't willing to part with that kind of money, family or not. Ransom or not, Fletcher is undeterred from finding the boy.

  • You Drink Enough, You Can't Feel a Thing
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    You Drink Enough, You Can't Feel a Thing

    Cinquanta: Paulo, come on, drink, fast as you can swallow. You drink enough, you can’t feel a thing.
    John Paul Getty III: Who is that? What do you mean I’m not going to feel it?
    Cinquanta: He's a good doctor. I promise. These men are going to take a part of you. Let them have it and live.

    In a conversation between kidnapper Cinquanta and kidnaped Paul, Cinquanta urges Paul to get drunk so his physical pain will be lessened. Paul immediately wants to know what that pain consists of, not that he gets a straight answer.

  • Set My Boy Free
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    Set My Boy Free

    Gail Harris: My son, Paul, must be very frightened right now. I know I'm frightened for him. So to the people who took him, I don't care why you did this but I ask as a mother that you think of your own children or a child that you once were and set my boy free. Thank you.

    In this All the Money in the World movie quote, Gail speaks to the press gathered around and pleads for her son's release. She tries to make the kidnappers relate to their sense of family, but it doesn't seem to be effective.

  • To Be a Getty is an Extraordinary Thing
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    To Be a Getty is an Extraordinary Thing

    John Paul Getty III: To be a Getty is an extraordinary thing. It’s like we’re from another planet. We look like you, but we’re not like you. My grandfather wasn’t just the richest man in the world, he was the richest man in the history of the world. I'm telling you this so you can understand the things you're about to see. 

    In a voice over, Paul explains the life of being part of the Getty family. Due to the massive wealth of his grandfather, the world is much different to them than any other person on earth.