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All The Most Questionable Parenting Moments From '7th Heaven'

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Of all the popular '90s shows, 7th Heaven was often one of the most cringe-worthy. Despite the sanctimony and self-righteousness of Reverend Camden and his wife, Annie, the show was wildly popular, even among younger viewers. Everyone loved the 7th Heaven characters. The problem is that, although the show presented itself as morally infallible, there were actually a lot of questionable parenting decisions. Bad TV parents who deserve to have their kids taken away are nothing new but the kids on this relatively Christian show had direly problematic parents, and no one noticed.

Even some of the best episodes of 7th Heaven contain examples of objectively bad parenting. Here is a myriad of instances in which the Camdens should be criticized for their parenting technique instead of blindly celebrated for it.

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