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Everything People Have "Diagnosed" Abe Lincoln With

American history is full of weird stuff, and some of that weirdness crops up long after the era or subject in question has passed. For proof, just look at all the diseases people have "diagnosed" Abraham Lincoln with.

Was old Honest Abe really all that honest about his health? Despite the fact that Lincoln’s actual cause of death was pretty clear-cut (conspiracy theories aside), the sheer amount of Abraham Lincoln health issues people have supposedly discovered posthumously almost leads one to believe that John Wilkes Booth was acting out of mercy. If everything that modern doctors or historians have claimed about the 16th President of the United States is true, he was riddled with illness. Everything from syphilis to constipation has been tossed out by armchair experts..

While some of the medical claims about Lincoln may hold water, they obviously can’t all be true. A diagnosis or two might feature actual research, but most of the speculation consists entirely of anecdotal guesswork, and that doesn’t have a reputation for accuracy. The real answers will never be known, which is probably part of the reason why theorizing about Abe's health (or lack thereof) is still so popular today.