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All The Traps In 'Home Alone' And 'Home Alone 2,' Ranked By Horrific Brutality

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Everyone who saw the Home Alone films as a child fantasized about one day setting up their own variations of Kevin McCallister's imaginative booby traps. But looking back at the ultra-violence of the first film and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, you realize these devices might be a little dangerous for a ten-year-old to be making. Most of the traps simply inflict blunt trauma victims, but some of these classic McCallister contraptions are nothing more than ways to end up with a dead body on your hands. Essentially, they’re exactly what you'd want if two creepy jerks tried to break into your house and steal your Christmas presents.

Out of all the traps in the first two Home Alone movies, which do you find the most violent? Everyone remembers the paint cans from the original film, but are they as painful as a blowtorch to the skull? And what about Marv’s brush with electricity in the second film? The deadliest traps in the first two Home Alone films are up to you to decide; just promise that you won’t start dousing people in varnish and bird seed, you filthy animals. 

  • 1. Kevin Shocks Marv Into The Next Century

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  • 2. That Time Kevin Threw Bricks Off A Roof

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  • 3. Kevin Throws A Steel Pipe And A Set Of Paint Cans At The Bandits

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  • 4. Harry's Head Is Set On Fire

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