All The TV And Movie Universes That Are Unified By Detective Munch

Most people can agree that Detective John Munch is one of the greatest television detectives known to man. Richard Belzer has played the lanky, laconic character prone to believing far out conspiracy theories for nearly 30 years. In that time, he’s crossed over into a variety of television universes and strung them together with the gossamer thread of his existence. He began his career on the NBC series Homicide: Life on the Street before moving on to the much beloved Law & Order: SVU, with some pit stops in a variety of film and television cameos that have served to unify some of the greatest TV shows.

What does the existence of Detective Munch in multiple shows say about what we watch? Do these shows exist in a space-time continuum where Baltimore police detectives traverse the globe solving crimes? Are audiences to believe that the world of The X-Files, which regularly featured unexplained phenomena, is the same world where Detective Olivia Benson works as a Sergeant and single mother at one of the most prestigious police precincts? As far-fetched as this may all seem, John Munch would likely answer, “Yes.”