The Greatest Hitting Pitchers in Baseball History

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Whether they knocked record home runs or led in OPS, who are best hitting pitchers in MLB history?

Going down as one of the greatest hitting pitchers in baseball history is a difficult feat, especially when you consider a majority of these star pitchers are only batting every 5 games—at most. Now known as "pitchers who rake", these aces aren't just winning games for their teams with strikeouts and dominant pitching in general; they're stepping up to the plate, getting on base, and scoring runs. Of all the MLB's top hitting pitchers, both old and new, who do you think is the best of all time?

Now, there have been some great hitting pitchers since the early days of professional baseball, but it wasn't until 1980 when the Silver Slugger started being awarded and they really started to get recognized for such an uncommon skill. From early winners like Bob Forsch and Rick Rhoden to modern-day baseball's Madison Bumgarner and Carlos Zambrano, these are certainly pitchers who rake. Of course, we can't forget some of the earliest sluggers of the mound, such as Sloppy Thurston, Jack Scott, and Don Larsen, among many others. Another thing to consider here is these aren't just your average pitchers who can swing the bat—many of them are even the MLB's greatest pitchers.

Take a look at the list of greatest hitting pitchers below and vote up your choices for the best of all time—whether you think that comes down to batting average, home runs, or OPS. Feel free to add others to the list as well.

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  • Babe Ruth
    Boston Red Sox, Boston Braves, New York Yankees
    • Position: Right fielder, Outfielder, Left fielder, Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Baltimore, USA, Pigtown, Maryland

    Career batting stats: .342 avg., 714 HRs, 2,214 RBIs

  • Shohei Ohtani
    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
    • Position: Pitcher, Designated hitter
    • Birthplace: Mizusawa, Iwate
    • Bats: Left-handed

    Career batting stats: .292 avg., 36 HRs, 101 RBIs

  • Wes Ferrell
    Boston Red Sox, Boston Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina

    Career batting stats: .280 avg., 38 HRs, 208 RBIs

  • Zack Greinke
    Houston Astros
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
    • Bats: Right-handed

    Career batting stats: .222 avg., 9 HRs, 32 RBIs

  • Mike Hampton
    Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners
    • Position: Starting pitcher, Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Brooksville, Florida, USA
    • Bats: Right-handed

    Career batting stats: .246 avg., 16 HRs, 79 RBIs

  • Carlos Zambrano
    Chicago Cubs
    • Position: Starting pitcher, Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
    • Bats: Ambidexterity

    Career batting stats: .238 avg., 24 HRs, 71 RBIs

  • Madison Bumgarner
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Hickory, North Carolina
    • Bats: Right-handed

    Career batting stats: .179 avg., 18 HRs, 61 RBIs

  • Don Larsen
    Houston colt .45s, Kansas City Athletics, San Francisco Giants
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Michigan City, Indiana, United States of America

    Career batting stats: .242 avg., 14 HRs, 72 RBIs

  • Don Drysdale
    Los Angeles Dodgers, Brooklyn Dodgers
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

    Career batting stats: .186 avg., 29 HRs, 113 RBIs

  • Sloppy Thurston
    Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Browns, Brooklyn Robins
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Fremont, Nebraska

    Career batting stats: .270 avg., 5 HRs, 79 RBIs

  • Dontrelle Willis
    Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Oakland, California
    • Bats: Left-handed

    Career batting stats: .244 avg., 9 HRs, 39 RBIs

  • Micah Owings
    Arizona Diamondbacks, Cincinnati Reds
    • Position: Starting pitcher, Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Gainesville, Georgia
    • Bats: Right-handed

    Career batting stats: .283 avg., 9 HRs, 35 RBIs

  • Ken Brett
    Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, Kansas City Royals
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: New York City, New York

    Career batting stats: .262 avg., 10 HRs, 44 RBIs

  • Adam Wainwright
    St. Louis Cardinals
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Brunswick, Georgia, United States of America
    • Bats: Right-handed

    Career batting stats: .200 avg., 10 HRs, 70 RBIs

  • Bob Forsch
    St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Astros
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Sacramento, California

    Career batting stats: .213 avg., 12 HRs, 84 RBIs

  • Rick Rhoden
    Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Boynton Beach, Florida

    Career batting stats: .238 avg., 9 HRs, 75 RBIs

  • Carl Mays
    New York Giants, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Liberty, Kentucky

    Career batting stats: .268 avg., 5 HRs, 111 RBIs

  • Career batting stats: .253 avg., 6 HRs, 20 RBIs

  • Don Robinson
    Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Ashland, Kentucky, United States of America

    Career batting stats: .231 avg., 13 HRs, 69 RBIs

  • Jack Scott
    Philadelphia Phillies, New York Giants, Boston Braves
    • Position: Pitcher

    Career batting stats: .275 avg., 5 HRs, 73 RBIs

  • Claude Hendrix
    Chicago Cubs, Chicago Whales, Pittsburgh Pirates
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Olathe, Kansas

    Career batting stats: .241 avg., 14 HRs, 97 RBIs

  • Les Sweetland
    Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: St. Ignace, Michigan

    Career batting stats: .272 avg., 0 HRs, 34 RBIs

  • Omar Oliveras

    Omar Oliveras

    St. Louis Cardinals
    • Position: Career batting stats: .240 avg, 5 HRs, 29 RBIs
    • Birthplace: Puerto Rico
  • Jacob deGrom
    New York Mets
    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: DeLeon Springs, Florida
    • Bats: Left

    Career batting stats: .188 avg., 2 HRs, 20 RBIs

  • Tom Glavine
    Atlanta Braves, New York Mets
    • Position: Starting pitcher, Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Concord, Massachusetts, United States of America
    • Bats: Left-handed

    Career batting stats: .186 avg., 1 HR, 90 RBIs