The Greatest College Football Quarterbacks of All Time

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Who is the best college quarterback ever? Who are the greatest college quarterbacks of all time?There have been many great college quarterbacks in the past and surely there are many more great QBs to come, so answering those questions is sure to prove difficult. But list is all about trying to decide just who is the greatest college quarterback of all time? These are the greatest college QBs, ranked by user votes.

Take a look at this list of the all time greatest college football quarterbacks in history and see if you agree with who made the cut. Featuring some young guns like Tim Tebow and old staples like Peyton Manning, this list truly meant to represent all time. Not just recent memory. If you see someone missing, feel free to add them! This is one impressive group of college qbs. Make sure to vote up who you think is the top college football quarterback of all time!
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