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Players With The Most Double-Doubles In NBA History

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Finishing out an NBA career with the most double-doubles is certainly no easy feat. While the triple-double record may be a bit harder to achieve, hitting double digits in points and rebounds (or assists) in a single game is still challenging. Nonetheless, some of the top NBA players of all time made it happen on a regular basis. As you can imagine, a great deal of these players with the most double-doubles in NBA history are centers (and some of the best NBA centers at that), but that doesn't mean they too aren't fighting their way up to grab a rebound or take clear a shot. Of course, there are some smaller guys holding a double-double record for points and assists as well (think John Stockton).

Regardless of whether it's points and rebounds or points and assists, the NBA players below have all gone down in history with the leaders in career double-doubles. Such players with the most career double-doubles include the likes of Karl Malone, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, and top NBA center Dwight Howard—among plenty of others. Who leads in all-time double-doubles? Check out the list below to find out.

  • Dwight Howard
    Photo: Los Angeles Lakers / Instagram

    731 point-rebound (2004–present)

    • Position: Power forward, Center
    • Age: 34
    • Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
    • Number: 12
    • Teams: Los Angeles Lakers

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  • Shaquille O'Neal
    Photo: user uploaded image

    727 point-rebound (1992-2011)

    • Position: Center
    • Age: 47
    • Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey, United States of America
    • Teams: Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat

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  • Charles Barkley
    Photo: user uploaded image

    706 point-rebound (1984–2000)

    • Position: Small forward, Power forward
    • Age: 56
    • Birthplace: Leeds, Alabama, United States of America
    • Teams: Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets

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  • Patrick Ewing
    Photo: user uploaded image

    580 point-rebound (1985–2002)

    • Position: Center
    • Age: 57
    • Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica
    • Teams: Orlando Magic, Seattle Supersonics, New York Knicks