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The All Time Ugliest Athletes

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The all-time ugliest athletes prove once and for all that there is no connection between beauty and athletic ability. These athletes from professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey and wrestling are the ugliest of the ugly. Caution, the images contained on the list of the ugliest athletes of all time are not suited for all audiences and possibly not safe for life.

It's pretty easy to pick out professional wrestlers, if that really counts as a sport, as some of the ugliest athletes around. WWE, formerly WWF, stars actually get paid to be those scary and sometimes morbidly obese characters, as was the case with "Butterbean" and "Bastion Booger."

It's equally as easy to pick out toothless NHL players who, throughout their playing careers, have lost their pearly whites and what little bit of handsome they had in fights. Mike Ricci is a perfect offender in that category as is the likes of Alexander Ovechkin, Johan Franzen and Daniel Carcillo.

But once you take all of those uglies out of the way, there's still a long list professional athletes both active today or long retired that take ugly to a whole 'nother level. Unfortunately for these athletes, ugly is simply they were born with and aren't getting rid of anytime soon.

Take Iain Dowie, Don Mossi or Leon Spinks for example. Each could be mistaken from some type of wild animal, strange science-fiction creature or a character from "The Goonies." Look at Jared Allen, Marshawn Lynch, John Kruk or Sam Cassell. Each are not exactly a trainwreck but all are far from beautiful.

Luckily for all of these professional athletes, success in the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL is not a direct result of beauty but simply their athletic ability. Ben Roethlisberger, AJ Halk and Pete Rose, you're welcome. What are the top 10 ugliest athletes of all time? The top 25? If you so desire, vote on this list and tell other sports fans what you think!