The Best Trailer Park Boys Characters

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All minor and major characters from Trailer Park Boys. Vote for your personal favorite characters from the show, regardless of how beloved they are by others.

List of the best Trailer Park Boys characters, with pictures and character quotes when available. With so many funny Trailer Park Boys characters, it's tough to say who the greatest really is without everybody weighing in on the discussion. Vote for your favorite Trailer Park Boys characters and help make this list the ultimate source for who the best characters of the show are. Trailer Park Boys character roles from every season are included, along with the names of the actors who play them.

This list includes fan favorite TPB characters like Jim Lahey and Ricky, but also great side characters like Trevor, Cory, and Ray. You can click each image for a larger picture of the character, and in some cases you can click the character's name for a more detailed description.

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  • Ricky
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    856 VOTES

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Make like a tree and f*ck off.
    • I love all creatures like gophers and deerts, and those things that fly and everything else, but f*ck seagulls. I got no time for those c*cksuckers.
    • I try to be a role model for kids around the park. If some kid wants to grow dope, they can come talk to me, instead of growing dope 6 or 7 times through denial and error, they're going to get it right the first time and have some good dope.
    • Actor: Robb Wells
    856 votes
  • Jim Lahey
    Photo: user uploaded image
    766 VOTES

    Memorable Quotes:

    • You might be sexy, Julian, but you can't teach me anything about liquor.
    • This is our home. This is our community. I am Jim Lahey, and I am your trailer park supervisor!
    • I might shoot you, and then I might shoot myself. Tell you what, you guess Ricky. Guess who i'm gonna shoot first. Will it be you Rick?
    • Actor: John Dunsworth
    766 votes
  • Bubbles
    Photo: user uploaded image
    793 VOTES

    Memorable Quotes:

    • Holy f*ck, Ricky, you know who you are? You're Dope-Man! He can smoke a pound in a single bound.
    • Have a nice day, and go f*ck yourself.
    • Well, that's a little harsh. He's not a punk. He might be a bit of a f*ckin' goof, but he's not a punk.
    • Actor: Mike Smith
    793 votes
  • Julian
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    621 VOTES


    Memorable Quotes:

    • You're prostituting yourself out for cheeseburgers again, aren't you?
    • Ricky, you're pointing a loaded handgun at a puppet. Behind the puppet is our friend. The bullet will go through the doll and kill Bubbles. Give me the gun.
    • Ricky, I'm telling you, you gotta stop growing pot.
    • Actor: John Paul Tremblay
    621 votes
  • J-Roc
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    674 VOTES


    Memorable Quotes:

    • In this park it's one muthaf*cka for one and all muthaf*cka for all muthaf*cka's.
    • Believe it or not ma, some people think I'm gonna make it in this rap game!, know what I'm sayin'.
    • Julian’s ego is filin’ too many cheques that his brain can’t cash.
    • Actor: Jonathan Torrens
    674 votes
  • 6
    528 VOTES

    Memorable Quotes:

    • A man's gotta eat, Julian.
    • I realised that all I want to do is get high and mow lawns in the trailer park, and that’s okay.
    • There's no real easy way of saying this. I frigged up.
    • Actor: Patrick Roach
    528 votes