Total Nerd Exploring All The Unofficial Theme Days At Disneyland  

Allison Walter
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One of the most remarkable things about Disney is the incredible enthusiasm the company sparks in its loyal fans. There is a special theme day at Disney for everyone from goths to Lolita fashionistas. But all of the unofficial theme days at Disneyland have one thing in common—each is organized by groups of like-minded, passionate people, who come together to make new friends and celebrate the Happiest Place on Earth.

You may think you know everything there is to know about Disneyland, but do you know every Disney park theme day? Some have been around for years, but there are new fan-organized events popping up every season. So whether you are into classic cars, pinup fashion, or steampunk technology, there is a Disney theme day that can enhance your park going experience.

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Dapper Day


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When the Imagineers first planned Disneyland back in the 1950s, the concept artists drew pictures of families enjoying the theme park dressed in their Sunday best. They envisioned men wearing suits, women wearing skirts, and even the kids wearing dress shoes. 

In 2011, designer Justin Jorgensen created Dapper Day, with the hopes of bringing the original vision of Disney to life. Ever since, guests come to Disneyland dressed in mid-20th century semi-formal attire once a year. 

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Steam Day


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Steam Day is all about steampunk, a science fiction-inspired genre of fashion that marries Victorian-era design elements with fantastical, old-timey gadgets and accoutrements. Pocket watches, goggles and gear-powered accessories take over Disney on this unofficial day. The event takes place in May each year.

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Pajama Jam


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Pajama Jam may just be the most comfortable theme park experience ever. It's exactly what it sounds like—an excuse to wear your PJs to Disney. The group encourages all types of pajamas, from onesies to kigu's. Keep an eye out for details on the next Pajama Jam on One Big Disney Family's page. 

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Harry Potter Day

Harry Potter Day existed at Disneyland from 2006 - 2014. The experience took on different iterations over the years but eventually became a unique blend of "strategy, trivia, storytelling, and mystery."

Sadly, this group's event came to an end in 2014 when, without any warning, Disneyland advised members of the group on the day of the event that they were no longer welcome. But it seems the Potter fans can't be stopped, another group on Instagram - dubbed Los Angeles Dumbledore's Army - plans to continue events as early as 2018.

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