The Best Vehicular Combat Games of All Time

This is a list of the best vehicular combat games of all time for any console or system. These highly rated car combat games are ordered by popularity, so only the greatest vehicular combat games are at the top of the list. Known for the bombastic gameplay and intuitive controls, these games are some of the funniest titles to play. 

Whether you're onto car shooting games or vehicular fighting games and more, this list includes all challenging car combat games that have ever hit the shelves, which means it includes both current releases and old-school favorites. From newer games like Crossout to classic titles like Death Race (which was released in 1976), This list has everything from Mario Kart 64 to Mario Kart 8

Be sure to vote up favorite vehicular combat games up to the top, and vote down all the battle games that didn't tickle your fancy.


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