The Best Vietnam War Movies

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Vietnam War movies can almost be counted as a genre on their own--there are so many of them. This Vietnam War movies list can be organized by cast, year, director, or more. It contains the best Vietnam War movies that were ever made, including popular, famous classics like Full Metal Jacket. The best Vietnam movies place the war in correct context and capture the ethos of the environment at the time. Many of the titles on this list are from the point of view of Americans, but international and independent films are included as well.

What are the best Vietnam War films? This list of of Vietnam war movies is thorough and ready for your votes. The beauty of this list is that you can vote for all your favorites not just one. You can click on any of the Vietnam movie names for more details and change the dropdown info to display the release date, directors, and stars. So, what are the best movies about the Vietnam war? Help decide by voting up the best Vietname war movies and vote down any that you think other fans should skip.

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