The Most Insane, Nasty Things to Ever Happened in Buffets

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Ever wander into a buffet and wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Or what happens on a busy Saturday night when the regulars are in full force? Wonder no more - below, we've compiled a list of the best (or worst) all-you-can-eat buffet horror stories. These gross food stories will have you alternately laughing and gagging at humanity's potential for gluttony. But beware: after reading these gross buffet stories, it might be a while before you can muster the courage to return to your favorite all-you-can-eat establishment.

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    How to Tell the Bread Is Fresh

    How to Tell the Bread Is Fresh
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    "I was about five at the time and my uncle took me to Hometown Buffet. He told me there was a trick to tell if the rolls were fresh or not. His trick was to pick up a roll, lick it, and then if it wasn't fresh enough, he put it back."

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    Don't Let Incontinence Spoil a Good Time

    Don't Let Incontinence Spoil a Good Time
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    "Once, while working at the Golden Corral, I witnessed this very big lady started soiling her pants on the way to the bathroom. The poop kept falling through her shorts on the floor, in front of the bars and everything and everyone. After going to the bathroom, she proceeded to go back to her table and keep on eating. True story."

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    Shell Your Shrimp

    Shell Your Shrimp
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    "My dad went with one of his weightlifting buddies to an all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet. The guy starts taking down shrimp at an incredible pace, without even bothering to deshell them.

    "After consuming a couple pounds of the shrimp, he looks stricken and excuses himself. Dad follows him outside to see him leaning against a lamppost, dry heaving. The man eventually regurgitates what Dad could only describe as a 'shrimp log' - he basically puked up a compressed wad of shrimp shells, the way an owl pukes up a pellet of bones and fur after it eats a rat.

    "When he was done, he wiped his mouth, lumbered back into the restaurant, and kept eating."

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    A New Dipping Sauce Applicator

    A New Dipping Sauce Applicator
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    "I once saw a really fat dude at a Chinese Buffet smear ranch dressing from his wrist to elbow, then as he ate, he brushed the food along the dressing before putting into his mouth."

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    Heart Attack or Flatulence?

    Heart Attack or Flatulence?
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    "Once witnessed a man eat four plates of food piled high (I'm talking Southern food, so it was all fried foods), claim he was having a heart attack and clutch his chest, then let out the biggest, most foul-smelling fart I have ever experienced.

    "After he laughed about it, he continued to go back and eat two more plates of entrees, and a plate of desserts."

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    Leave No Roll Behind

    Leave No Roll Behind
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    "Watched a lady get a to-go box and fill it up to the top. The bottom of the Styrofoam was about to give out when she dropped an egg roll on the ground. She then proceeded to pick it up with her toes (she was wearing flip-flops) and place it in the box."

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