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Allied movie quotes bring the suspense to the thriller movie about a man tasked with figuring out if his wife is a German spy during World War II. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis using a screenplay written by Steven Knight. Allied opened in theaters in the United States on November 23, 2016.

In Allied, Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) is a Canadian Intelligence Officer paired up with French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) on a mission to kill the German Ambassador during World War II. Max and Marianne pose as a couple prior to the assassination and end up falling in love in the process. They marry and have a daughter, Anna.

Some time later, Max is called in to speak with the Special Operations Executive and learns that they (including Jared Harris and Simon McBurney) suspect that Marianne is a German spy. They task Max to figure out the truth within 72 hours and, if she is a spy, execute her himself. This news shakes Max's world and sends him on a mission to try to prove Marianne's innocence.

Allied movie quotes give a sneak peek into the film just as quotes do for other movies such as for Lion, Bad Santa 2, Moana, and Nocturnal Animals.  

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Beautiful and Good

Max Vatan: Heard a lot about you. They said you were beautiful and good.
Marianne Beausejour: Being good at this kind of work is not very beautiful.

At this point, Max and Marianne don't really know much about one another outside for what they've heard from others. While Max agrees that Marianne is beautiful, if she's good is still very much up for debate.

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We Suspect Your Wife is a German Spy

S.O.E. Official: Commander, tell me about your wife.
Max Vatan: We met at Casablanca, where together we assassinated the German ambassador. She's a mother of my child.
Frank Heslop: There's no easy way to say what we're about to say. 
S.O.E. Official: Commander, we suspect your wife is a German spy. 
Max Vatan: This is insane!
Frank Heslop: If you are right, all this will be forgotten. But if she is, you will execute her with your own hand and if you do no comply, you will be hanged.
S.O.E. Official: In 72 hours, we shall know for sure.
Max Vatan: Is this a game? A test? 
Frank Heslop: Everything is a test.

Max receives some unsettling news from Frank and a S.O.E. Official regarding his wife, Marianne. They feel she is a spy and tasks Max with figuring out the truth, plus doing what needs to be done if the news is not good.

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Come With Me to Be My Wife

Max Vatan: After the war, do you have a place? 
Marianne Beausejour: When the war is over, it won't matter where I am.
Max Vatan: We found each other. Come with me to London. Come with me to be my wife.
Marianne Beausejour: I love you with all my heart.

Despite a previous discussion that they shouldn't let feelings interfere with their work, Max and Marianne fall in love. As shown in these Allied movie quotes, that connection spans past the mission and they decide to marry and start a family.

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They're Watching Us

Max Vatan: I'll take the couch.
Marianne Beausejour: You'll sleep on the roof. In Casablanca, that's where husbands go. 
Marianne Beausejour: They're watching us. Now kiss me.

On their undercover mission in Casablanca, Max and Marianne pose as a married couple in an apartment. So when they realize they're being watched in these Allied movie quotes, they put on a good show.

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