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Aloha movie quotes tells the story of one man who is offered second chances both personally and professionally, though he might not be ready to take them. The romantic comedy was written and directed by Cameron Crowe. Aloha opened in theaters on May 29, 2015.

In Aloha, defense contractor Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) finds himself out of work after a mistake causes the military to lose a huge project. So when Brian gets a call that former employer Caron Welch (Bill Murray) wants him back, Brian jumps at the opportunity. That does, however, mean going back to Hawaii where, along with Colonel Lacy (Danny McBride), Brian spent a good deal of time, and even fell in love.

In Hawaii, Brian reunites with lost love Tracy (Rachel McAdams), who is now seemingly happily married to Woody (John Krasinski). But Brian cannot get over unresolved issues with Tracy, despite her urging to move on with his life. This becomes especially important as Brian's Air Force liaison in Hawaii, Allison Ng (Emma Stone), and he have some good chemistry going on.

Aloha says hello to theaters already showing other films such as San Andreas, Tomorrowland, Poltergeist 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2 and Playing It Cool.
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Do You Have What You Want?
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Tracy Woodside: Did you get the girl?
Brian Gilcrest: We work together.
Tracy Woodside: Well why don't you just have what you want?
Brian Gilcrest: Do you have what you want?
Tracy Woodside: Hmmm?
Brian Gilcrest: How is Woody?
Tracy Woodside: I don't know. Woody doesn't communicate.
Tracy Woodside: See, he doesn't speak.
Brian Gilcrest: He just said a lot, actually.
Tracy Woodside: What did he say?
Brian Gilcrest: 'Check out my manliness, dude. I've been working out and I'm a little too handsome to ever see you as a threat, Brian. Good evening'
Tracy Woodside: He said that?
Brian Gilcrest: He's actually very talkative.

Tracy and Brian discuss their own levels of happiness, including if Brian has fallen for his new partner. Brian, however, is too busy interpreting the non-verbal communication from Tracy's husband, Woody, to discuss much else.
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Let's Just Talk About It
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Tracy Woodside: I think that you came back here for a reason. Let's just talk about it before I explode.

Tracy confronts Brian to finally get things settled so he can move on with his life. She's moved on, but his unresolved issues linger. She wants to fix that.
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Life is Going to Become Very, Very Complicated
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Carson Welch: Your life is going to become very, very complicated.

Carson shares some wisdom with Brian about Brian's love life. When one is faced with two loves, things will assuredly become complicated.
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You're Not Going to Pick My Brains
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Allison Ng: You've never had a partner? I mean, I know that your ex-wife gave you the heave a year ago.
Brian Gilcrest: Hey! That would be off limits repartee for us right now. I've lone wolfed it all the way. That's who I am. End of speech.
Allison Ng: Understood
Brian Gilcrest: By the way, my ex-spouse did not give me the heave. She met some rich guy who made his fortune selling comic books and in this economy, that's enough to vaporize a marriage. Suddenly get replaced by a comic book version of yourself. Nobody wants to live where they are. They all want to be in a fantasy, Ng. All right, she gave me the heave.
Allison Ng: Boy, did she blow it. If I may, I mean, you have to know that.
Brian Gilcrest: I know what you're doing. You're not going to pick my brains. They're unpickable, and your attempt to get under my hood and ask blow up questions, frankly, fantastic.
Allison Ng: Thank you
Brian Gilcrest: What is that?
Allison Ng: I'm tempted to say menehune, the Hawaiian leprechauns.
Brian Gilcrest: Or chipmunks, something... There is a lot of them up here.

Having always worked alone, Brian is not excited to have deep discussions with new partner Allison. It seems, however, they do have some chemistry building between them.
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