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Why Alpha Is The Best Villain In 'The Walking Dead'

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Over the years, the group of survivors surrounding Rick Grimes have gone up against some of the most ruthless villains in comic book history. Producers have translated those villains to the screen on AMC's The Walking Dead perfectly, thanks to an incredibly talented cast and crew - but the most dangerous villain of all time is just around the corner. Alpha is the enigmatic leader of the mysterious group known as the Whisperers, and she's finally leaping off the pages of the comics and onto our television screens when TWD throws her into the action in the series's second half of Season 9.

There's a lot about Alpha that makes her the best villain in the series, and it's not simply due to her progression from one Big Bad to the next. Alpha is mysterious, ruthless, and, above all else, a mystery to the group from Alexandria. Much of what is known about her comes straight out of the comics, but now that she's making a transition to the small screen, fans are wondering what she and her crew are all about - and what they've learned is pretty horrific.

SPOILER WARNING: This list involves details from the comics issues #130 to present. The events described below have inspired the events of the television series, so before you read on, be aware this may spoil the issues you haven't read or the episodes of Season 9 you have yet to see.

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