Total Nerd Take A Look At The Jurassic Park Alternate Ending That Was Never Made  

Mick Jacobs

Jurassic Park boasts some of the most recognizable scenes in film, including the climactic battle of the predators between the T-rex and a pair of velociraptors. But according to a couple of discarded storyboards featured in the video below, Jurassic Park originally ended in even more dramatic fashion.

People typically understand that the initial storyboards for a film may end up going in an entirely different direction. But with an ending as memorable as Jurassic Park's, it makes you wonder what the production team originally had in mind.

After all, how could you make a bigger scene than one that involves a T-rex slamming a raptor into a gigantic skeleton while a "Dinos Ruled The World" banner rains down in the foreground? Well, apparently the scrapped ending, while less visually stimulating, made up for aesthetic losses with a heaping dose of adrenaline.

Watch the video below to learn how Jurassic Park almost ended. Before you worry, it's still a happy ending, albeit one with a lot more anxiety involved.